Bluebird to Supply Mini UAVs to Chilean Army

Company awarded $3 million contract for providing several of the mini-UAV SpyLite systems for "over-the-hill" intelligence missions

Bluebird to Supply Mini UAVs to Chilean Army

Bluebird Aero Systems, which recently won a Chilean contract, will soon begin to provide several SpyLite mini-UAV systems to the Chilean army. The contract is estimated at approximately three million dollars.

In recent years, Bluebird has carried out several successful demonstrations in Chile, which displayed the capabilities and flight performance of the mini-UAV, among other things.

The SpyLite is an electric mini-UAV with battlefield-proven capabilities. It is intended for 'over-the-hill' missions, and provides real-time visual intelligences for the tactical echelon. The mini-UAV can fly in harsh weather conditions and can be quickly deployed.

The system is already used by various security entities in Israel and around the world.

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