Cordio Medical management team. Photo: Eyal Tueg

Cordio Speech Analysis Tech for COVID-19 Diagnosis to Undergo Clinical Trials

The solution is based on a proven technology developed by the company for identifying a deterioration in heart failure patients. It is designed to make remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients more efficient, to identify with the use of a user-friendly mobile app those whose condition is deteriorating and need to be hospitalized, and to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

Moshe Lasman, CEO and Founder of Global Data Center. Photo:Eyal Tueg 

Global Data Center Plans Investment of NIS 100 Million in New Facility

The new data center in Petah Tikva is expected to commence commercial operations during 2021. It will include dedicated hosting domains tailor-made for the specific requirements of the customer, and will offer capabilities for recovery from a failure or total breakdown and total business continuity for key organizational business procedures.   

Lieut. Gen. (res) Gabi Ashkenazi. Photo: Adina Wolman, Knesset Spokespersons Office

Israel Security Agency Authorized to Track COVID-19 Patients until End of April

A Knesset subcommittee will continue its supervision and receive a report every six days on the data handed over by the ISA to the Health Ministry. "The committee maintained the proper balance between the need to protect public health and protection of the right to privacy," said the chairman of the temporary committee for ISA matters, Lieut. Gen. (res.) Ashkenazi.

Joseph Assaf Turner. Photo provided by Maya Security

Managing Cybersecurity in Times of Crisis

Those in charge of cybersecurity are tasked with protecting the company from existing cyberthreats and preparing for new ones already. Companies that will align their cybersecurity to the changing business world will be more protected during the crisis and will have a significant operational and security advantages in the time after the crisis.
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