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The Year of Synergy between Cyber & Communication

"The primary change is the transition to thinking in platform terms," says Oren Sagi, General Manager of Cisco Israel, in a special interview. "Security is required for the network, the end stations, the server farm, the cloud and the user himself. We can provide visibility into all of the layers"

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Cyber Cooperation at the Highest Level

While the awareness level of the gravity of aviation cyber threats is steadily increasing, many are not necessarily ready to deal with them. Therefore, it is crucial that governments and all civil aviation stakeholders work together in order to tackle the soaring threat to airlines and airports worldwide

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Glean Insights from Data, Fast

The option of storing substantial volumes of data from diversified sources, indexing the data and performing high-speed searches can help convert raw data into knowledge very quickly. The Splunk Company developed a platform that fulfills this need. Special interview

Keeping One i Open

Since brand recognition and consumption in the past decade have moved to the digital domain, protecting the digital asset has become an increasing challenge. A special review of the growing field of threat intelligence
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