Ecuador has acquired 137 "David" vehicles at a total cost exceeding $67 million. To date, 45 of these vehicles have been delivered

Eyal Boguslavsky |

Following the strike, Hamas sources reported that dozens of Palestinians were killed and dozens more were injured. The IDF is investigating these claims

Dan Arkin |

Special units are not intended for combat against thousands of terrorists crossing the border fence, and technology has not stopped the flow of terrorists entering from Gaza

Offer Drori |

The events of October 7 set off a chain reaction that the Saudi royal family knows how to exploit. If successful, they will be the main beneficiary of the disaster experienced by Israel

Ami Rojkes Dombe |

The IDF is experiencing a severe shortage of field commanders during the ongoing war in Gaza. And what about the soldiers' mental state?

Amir Rapaport |

The PDP P14, was selected by the German Armed Forces to equip both the Navy’s Special Forces Command (KSM) and the Army’s Special Forces Command (KSK)

Eyal Boguslavsky |

The new vehicles will help replenish the Swedish Army’s fleet and to replace CV9040 vehicles donated to Ukraine by the Swedish government

Eyal Boguslavsky |

The test is intended also for entities from neighboring countries. Next, experts will carefully examine the results in preparation for a decision on the purchase of these systems

Eyal Boguslavsky |