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The problems of climate change - Part two

Commentary: Climate change, whose impact on human health and socio-economic development cannot be underestimated, is a global challenge that defies national borders and urgently requires close cooperation among all countries

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The problems of climate change - Part 1

Commentary: Global warming will affect the lives of everyone on the planet. Climate change is closely related to human society as the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, hurricanes and heat waves increase

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Is the Palestinian Authority on the verge of collapse? 

Commentary: There are three main scenarios that could rapidly change the relative stability in Judea and Samaria: a very serious economic crisis, a substantial change in the status quo on the Temple Mount, and violent clashes between the Jewish and Arab populations in Judea and Samaria, writes Dr. Michael Milshtein, an expert on Palestinian affairs  
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