Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen is a Defence & Cyber Lead Scouter and a Ceasefire Analyst, based in Munich.

A dolphin class Israeli submarine received from Germany

Willkommen in the Middle East

Guy Cohen, Munich based advisor for the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, on the German-Israeli defense cooperation and the implications for Israel and its defense industry

Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin (Photo: AP)

Crimea Crisis: Cooperation as a Reputational Risk?

Between Iran, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and now the Crimea, the question of Israel strategic defense ties to Moscow is thought-provokingly important. Does the Crimea crisis hold a looming reputational risk for Israeli defense industries?

Moshe Ya'alon and German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (Photo: AP)

"Economic with War"

The logic behind Merkel's realpolitik is that the performance of the German economy determines German international influence. What does this all mean for Israel defense companies? An analysis of the German-Israeli defense cooperation