Cmdr. (res.) Eyal Pinko

הכותב הינו סא"ל במיל. דוקטורנט בתחום האסטרטגיה והלוחמה הימית באוניברסיטת חיפה, ועמית מחקר במרכז למדיניות ואסטרטגיה ימית.

In the past two years, Ukrainian cities have become targets for thousands of Iranian-made anti-tank guided missiles, primarily of the Shahed 136 model, which were acquired by Russia from Iran

From the Russian perspective, the use of thermobaric warheads has been very successful on the battlefield in Ukraine

A cyber attack group called PRANA claims to have breached Iranian servers and stolen information - part of which has been leaked to the network

The realization of such a threat is a very challenging scenario that holds widespread economic implications. The forces operating in the region will need to work proactively to prevent this

One can learn much from the Houthi rebel’s naval warfare and apply it to what the Israeli Navy is expected to face in a potential war in Lebanon against Hezbollah

AI-derived misinformation and disinformation are the greatest risk to democratic countries (where free elections are held)

The militia comprises 33,000 fully recruited fishing boats, an additional 55,000 volunteer boats as needed, and additional fishing boats operating in the Tanzania region

Using open-source data, human intelligence, drones, and additional methods, Hamas displayed highly professional gathering and analysis capabilities, which served it well in preparation for the massacre it committed on October 7th