UVision collaborates with Firstec to market its Loitering Systems in South Korea

According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two Companies, Firstec will market and sell UVision's HERO-30 Lethal Loitering System to the South Korean Ministry of Defense

UVision collaborates with Firstec to market its Loitering Systems in South Korea

UVision Air Ltd. – a global pioneer in the area of lethal aerial loitering systems of all sizes – has partnered with South Korean Firstec Company. According to the MOU, Firstec will market and sell the company's short-range HERO-30 Lethal Loitering Systems to the South Korean market.

"We are pleased to announce our cooperation with FIRSTEC, a leading and long-established Korean manufacturer in the areas of aerospace and aviation," said Noam Levitt, UVision's CEO. "South Korea is a strategic market for us for two main reasons. First, we have identified a need in this market for systems such as our HERO-30, which can effectively meet the complex and evolving threats faced by South Korea. In addition, we see it as a technology leader in the area and as such, a starting point for the entire Asian market."

According to Yong Woo Jeon, CEO and President of FIRSTEC, "We are proud to represent UVision in Korea – a pioneer in the area of loitering munition systems, and one of the few companies with products in this field that have already been sold and proven. This will be a stepping-stone for FIRSTEC in strengthening its position as a leading provider of total unmanned systems in Korea. During the first stage, we will jointly produce and market HERO-30 systems for the local market."

 The HERO 30 is the smallest of UVision's HERO family of Smart Loitering Systems. It is designed to deliver short-range pinpoint strikes in remote locations or in populated urban areas where the speed of target opportunity response and minimizing collateral damage are of prime importance.

The HERO family comprises six systems, designed for assorted tasks at various ranges. HERO systems enable high-speed transit flight and low-speed loitering, depending on the tactical or strategic needs of the mission – handling moving targets, light-duty vehicles, tanks, and other strategic objectives. The HERO systems can be provided in the ISR configuration, enabling the use of the platform as a means for gathering intelligence – or as a missile, enabling precision attacks on targets, using warheads of various types and weights.

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