Urban Warfare: New Systems Were Employed in Gaza

Strategic weapon systems were not the only ones that made their debut in the summer of 2014. A few tactical systems also saw combat for the first time

Urban Warfare: New Systems Were Employed in Gaza

Camero-Tech's through-wall radar system

SK Group equips the IDF with solutions and technologies for the urban battlefields, some of which were operational for the first time during the recent Operation Protective Edge. Presented here is a review of the systems that were employed in the fighting.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Newest Light Machine Gun (LMG) – the NEGEV NG7 became operational during Operation Protective Edge by selected Special Forces units. The NEGEV NG7 is the only 7.62mm caliber LMG in service today with semi-automatic mode, capable of pinpoint, single bullet shooting for enhanced firing accuracy. Its semi-automatic capability enables accurate fire in combat situations, including ambush, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and when shooting via telescope.

Proving its huge advantage in CQB scenarios, the ultra-compact IWI X95 Assault Rifle exhibited flawless appearance in Operation Protection Edge. Developed in close cooperation with the IDF and now its standard rifle, the X95 can be used as an Assault Rifle, Carbine, or Submachine Gun (SMG). The Versatile X95 is exceptionally reliable in even the harshest weather conditions.

Camero-Tech's through-wall radar systems contributed tremendously to the soldiers' survivability during Operation Protective Edge. Playing a crucial role in urban warfare, the company's through-wall imaging solutions provided real-time situational awareness by enabling the observation of multiple stationary and moving objects behind walls. Camero-tech's XAVER™100 is an ultra-portable, handheld presence-of-life detector providing infantry and Special Forces with critical information in real time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall - enabling better tactical decision-making in various urban operational scenarios.

The XAVER™400 is a compact, lightweight and durable personal device optimized for the speed of tactical urban operations. It delivers information on the number of people and their location behind walls, as well as room dimensions and major infrastructure elements. The XAVER™800's rich 3D imaging capability allows for quick through-wall location and tracking of people movement patterns and orientation.

The IDF Special Forces deployed Meprolight's MEPRO MESLAS – Fire-Control Riflescope 10x40 with integral LRF and the MEPRO NOA NYX, its Un-cooled Thermal Sights, to maximize first hit probability in harsh CQB conditions.

During Operation Protective Edge, SK Group's solutions have also played a dominant role in the maritime arena. The SHALDAG Fast Patrol Boat was first on scene when necessity arose, due to its high speed and excellent sea-keeping capabilities.

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