Sold: Skystar - 180 Aerostats

RT Delivers First Three SkyStar-180 Aerostats to the American Army

Sold: Skystar - 180 Aerostats

Skystar - 180 (Photo: RT)

RT LTA (Lighter Than Air) Systems in conjunction with Focus Consulting & Services LLC (Fairfax, Virginia) has sent the first three of six SkyStar-180 tactical aerostat systems to the American army in Afghanistan. The US Army will employ the unmanned aerial surveillance devices in South Afghanistan mainly for force defense. Another three aerostats are planned for delivery next month.

"We're proud and honored to supply the SkyStar-180 to the United States Army," declares Rami Shmueli, RT's CEO. "We believe that the battle-proven SkyStar will significantly improve American force protection in Afghanistan"

The SkyStar-180 is a small tactical aerostat system equipped with an advanced electro-optical payload. The T-STAMP payload consists of a CCD daytime and FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) nighttime sensor that provides 360° day/night image coverage in real-time from altitudes up to 1000 feet. After being put aloft, the payload operates from a portable control unit that conveys real-time imagery and precise coordinates for any object. SkyStar-180 is a vehicle-based towable system easily redeployed to alternate sites by a light military transport.

Customers around the globe are currently using the SkyStar systems - the Canadian forces in Afghanistan, the IDF, Israel Police, and others. The system fulfills vital roles such as battle theater force protection and intelligence, homeland security, search and rescue, traffic control, etc. The cost-effective SkyStar family of aerostat unmanned aerial surveillance devices has chalked up over 250,000 hours of flight operations.

RT LTA Systems is a subsidiary of Aeronautics Ltd., a global defense corporation located in Yavne, Israel. RT specializes in the development and production of advanced aerostat systems for security and defense requirements.

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