Sensor System to be Deployed along Israel-Lebanon Border

Working to finish construction efforts along the Syrian border, the IDF intends to deploy an advanced sensor system along the Lebanese border. More on how the IDF is preparing for developments in the sector in the latest issue of IsraelDefense Magazine

Sensor System to be Deployed along Israel-Lebanon Border

Israel's northern border is rapidly changing in light of the regional events and the civil war taking place in Syria. IDF Northern Command has now decided to deploy the advanced MSS (Multi-Sensor System) across the northern border.

A race is currently underway between the defensive situation, which is deteriorating from one week to another, and between the rate of the construction of a new fence along the border. Countless observation, radar and camera measures have already been deployed in the area, and a new situation room has been established based on the MSS, through which soldiers receive warnings concerning any movement on the Syrian side of the border.

The MSS project is being carried out by Elbit Systems, and its cost is estimated at a quarter of a billion NIS (more than $60 million). The system is already deployed along the Gaza strip borders. By August 2013, the entire state-of-the-art border defense system will be completed along a 60 kilometer stretch of the border, and IDF Northern Command is planning to utilize the MSS technology across nearly 90 kilometers of the Lebanese border line - from the Golan Heights in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

This will be the world's first border defense system based on data fusion: a multi-sensor system will transmit a massive amount of data to a primary C2 center, where the data will be analyzed automatically, among other things, on the basis of familiarity with the routine activity along the border, and the ability to identify any suspicious indicator that deviates from that routine.

The system's employment will reduce the need to employ dozens of field intelligence operators as observers. The personnel required in order to operate the MSS will be substantially smaller than the accepted norms in effect along other borders, and data will be obtained from the field, even under adverse weather conditions, 24 hours a day.

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