Rafael Equipped the Brazilian Gripen Fighter with Spice Bombs

A model of the Brazilian Gripen, equipped with a Spice 1000 bomb under its left wing, was displayed at FIDAE 2016


According to the brasilsoberanoelivre website, Rafael has equipped the Gripen E / F fighters of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) with its LITENING targeting pods and its Spice bombs. The integration of the SPICE should start even before the end of this year, allowing the equipment to be appointed well before the deadline, which is 2020.

A mock-up in real size of the Gripen with Rafael's Spice 1000 under the left wing was revealed at the FIDAE 2016 exhibition.

The Brazilian Gripen fighters will be equipped with other systems of Rafael, such as the Litening pods, the RecceLite system, and the SkyShield system. According to the report, Rafael might equip the Gripen with its Python air-to-air missiles in the future.