Rafael Acquires Partial Ownership of South Korean Company

Both companies area already cooperating in the development of C4I systems for the South Korean defense market

Rafael Acquires Partial Ownership of South Korean Company

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems signed an agreement this week, during the air expo taking place in South Korea, for acquiring shares of the South Korean company PineTelecom, a developer of advanced communication technologies. The agreement is for the acquisition of 49% of the company's shares, and in its framework, both companies will continue cooperating for the development and production of advanced C4I systems for the South Korean defense market.

In addition to the development of systems such as the 'Iron Dome', 'Trophy' (Aspro-A), David's Sling, air-to-air and tactical missiles, Rafael also specializes in the field of military communication systems which include software-based aerial and communication systems  for ground forces. The company also specializes in aerial C4I systems such as the Litening and Reccelite, which have been used extensively by the Israeli Air Force and other air forces around the world.

Pine Telecom specializes in development of data communication for military and civilian applications. As part of the agreement, Rafael and Pine Telecom will conduct close cooperation in the development and production of advanced communication systems for the Korean army, and will share knowledge and capabilities in the field. The companies have already been cooperating for several years in the framework of several joint projects in South Korea.

Pine Telecom will continue operating as an independent company and will cooperate with Rafael in the field of engineering and operations, which will strengthen its ability to deal with competition in the South Korean and international markets, while offering advanced technologies to these markets.

During the signature ceremony held at the Seoul air expo, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Yedidia Ya'ari, Director General of Rafael, said that the agreement represents the continuation of the company's international strategy of expanding partnerships with companies around the world. "The agreement we've signed is an expression of trust in Pine Telecom as a partner in the South Korean market. Both companies believe in the strategy of producing comprehensive systems, and we look forward to the shared work and the mutual transfer of knowledge and expertise, through which we will be able to develop the future generation of advanced communication technologies together."

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