A New Model for the Riot Control Vehicle

A new model of an armored riot control vehicle is being developed by Beit Alfa Technologies and will soon enter into use by the police. The vehicle allows for the use of the Skunk substance, along with other substances such as water, tear gas, paint, and foam

A New Model for the Riot Control Vehicle

RCA 900 Riot Control Vehicle (Photo: Beit Alpha)

Beit Alfa Technologies has developed a new armored riot control vehicle. The manufacturing of two new vehicles will be complete by the end of 2011. The new model will allow for the dispersion of five different anti-demonstration substances: the Skunk, which emits a foul odor, tear gas, paint, foam, and a water hose.

Until now, the riot control vehicle could only use the Skunk on its own or combined with other substances.

Beit Alfa Technologies specializes in the production of vehicles such as fire trucks, armored vehicles for transporting money, and more. The armored riot control vehicle is one of Beit Alfa’s most important production lines.

The vehicle includes a special foam fire extinguisher that protects it and allows it to operate under attack from petrol bombs and other dangerous substances. The vehicle also uses other anti-riot dispersing materials.

Depending on the proximity of the crowd, different models of the vehicle allow various water-based substances to be dispersed such as paint, foam, or a water hose. In recent years, the Skunk substance has also been used.

The Skunk leaves a foul odor of rot and sewage on whatever it touches. Since the Skunk substance is based on biological material and not water, it was previously impossible to use it simultaneously with other materials; the police needed to decide which substance to use before each maneuver.

The new armored riot control vehicle will have parallel systems for pumping and dispersing the Skunk substance and other anti-riot substances.

In addition, the new model includes several improvements in the field of armored protection.

According to Neri Ben-Eliyahu, the company’s business development manager, “The operational experience of the police department and the military border patrol shows that the Skunk is a very effective weapon and will be used widely in the future. We are now developing storage, pumping, and dispersing systems in order to facilitate its use.”

Ben-Eliyahu said that Beit Alfa’s armored riot control vehicle is used by more than 25 countries around the world, including Spain, Greece, France, Albania, China, Singapore, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and Chile.

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