Morocco Acquired IAI's Heron

According to foreign sources, the Moroccan Army has acquired 3 IAI’s "Heron" drones last March. The transaction was carried out as part of the upgrade of the Moroccan army in recent years

Morocco Acquired IAI's Heron

IAI's Heron (Photo: Reynaldo Ramon)

The Israeli Aerospace Industry, via the French company Dassault, has sold to Morocco three "Heron" drones (also called Harfang). This was reported on the site farmorocco, covering the Moroccan army, and the military magazine REVISTA DE AERONÁUTICA Y ASTRONÁUTICA.

According to other reports on the web, the UAV is manufactured by IAI and the French company is marketing it under the brand name “EADS Harfang”. According to another site, triposo, the version of the drone sold to Morocco includes a device for carrying three surveillance cameras (Recon Pods), video recording system, and an air-ground communication system (data link system). The UAV as well includes electro-optical systems for day-night vision.

According the reports, the deal was closed in March 2013 and the aircraft were delivered to Morocco at the end of April. The UAV acquisition is part of a process of modernization the Moroccan army in going through in recent years, in its context additional 4 "Predator" UAVs were purchased from General Atomics, Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft and other weapons.

A document showing the numbers of military aircraft of the Moroccan army for the months of March-April 2013 was also published in the report on farmorocco.

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