Israel’s Security Award Goes to the "Iron Dome"

Israel’s Minister of Defense Ehud Barak stated that this year's award will be given to eight of the developers of the active defense system, headed by MAFAT and Rafael personnel

Israel’s Security Award Goes to the "Iron Dome"

Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, and Ministry of Defense CEO, Major General (Res.) Udi Shani, confirmed the recommendations of the Israeli Security Award committee, and have decided to award the 2012 Israeli Security award to the developers of the Iron Dome defense system. The Iron Dome is the first and only operational system in the world for intercepting short-range rockets.

The award will be shared by eight senior engineers who developed the system. They will be headed by personnel from the Ministry of Defense’s R&D department (Mafat) and Rafael, the Israeli mPrest which develops the Iron Dome's command and control system, and the IAF's Air Defense layout, which operates the system’s batteries since April 2011.

The award ceremony will take place during the month of September, and will be attended by senior defense establishment officials. The additional winners to receive the prestigious award are not known at this time.

Since becoming operational, the Iron Dome system has intercepted more than 100 rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Mafat and Rafael have thus far provided four operational batteries to the IDF, deployed in various areas in accordance with defensive situation assessments. The layout will expand to more than ten batteries in the future.

Although the award will be received by a limited number of people, who led the strenuous development effort, the Ministry of Defense is emphasizing that "the award belongs to hundreds of persons in Mafat, Rafael, and additional defense industries, which led and were part of the national emergency operation to develop the system within three years.”

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