IAI Sold a Barak-8 System to Azerbaijan

Reports in Azerbaijan confirm the rumors that started in 2012 – Israel sold an operational land-based version of the Barak-8 system to Azerbaijan

The barak-8 system, which is known to the Israeli public primarily due to the cooperation between Israel and India, was apparently sold to Azerbaijan as well. However, while India possesses a maritime version of the system, Azerbaijan was sold an operational land-based version (12 launchers, 75 surface-to-air missiles). This means that the land system is also operational, apparently, in India. The source is a publication on Armenews.

According to the report, Israel sold to Azerbaijan considerable amount of different types of weapons, including IMI's EXTRA Guided rockets, Aerostar UAVs, Elbit Systems' ATMOS self-propelled artillery system, Spike missiles (including NLOS-SSM), Elta's EL / M-2080 and EL / M-2288 radar systems, IAI's and Elbit's UAVs, IAI's LAHAT anti-tank missiles and "Shaldag" ships.

The Harpy 'Kamikaze' UAV should be added to the list as well. It was put to operational use by Azerbaijan during the recent conflict with Armenia (according to media reports in Azerbaijan, six such drones were used). Apparently, this is all part of a deal signed in 2012.

A publication on apa.az claims that T-72 tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles used by the Azerbaijani Army were modernized by Israeli companies. Furthermore, Azerbaijan received an order to produce 30 “Aerostar” and 30 “Orbiter-2M” drones basing on Israel’s license.

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