Rafael to showcase capabilities in IAV 2022 | 21/01/2022

Throughout the week, Rafael will showcase its full suite of capabilities for armored combat vehicles that enhances combat effectiveness and survivability, while reducing crew size and their cognitive burden


India Army Infantry Units Equipped with Negev Machine Guns | 19/01/2022

The Indian Army has purchased 16,479 Negev machine guns from Israeli IWI and so far 6,000 machine guns have been reported to be supplied


Swedish army sets up new cyber units | 21/01/2022

Named ITF and 2ITF, the new units will be used for protecting against intrusions and attacks on armed forces networks and to wage armed combat in the cyber arena

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The "Red with Shame" report, as exclusively obtained by Israel Defense

“Red with Shame”: top IDF officer submits Chief of Staff strong-worded report on corruption and value erosion in the Israeli army

The Chief of Staff received an additional report, about the US army – which he ordered to be distributed to relevant parties, contrary to the IDF report. IDF spokesperson: “We will not elaborate on private conversations between the Chief of Staff and his subordinates”