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The Outstanding Issue of the Libyan Intelligence Services

Commentary: Libya's Intelligence Services have been without a leader since the death of Abdoullah Masoud Al Darsi in April. There are currently many more candidates than usual competing to replace him. Meanwhile, the Turkish Intelligence Service is now capable of deciding many posts and positions in the Tripoli government, pulling rank and underlining its military role in Libya.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan inspects an assault rifle during the visit to the factory.  Photo: Press Office of the Government of Armenia

Armenia's Kalashnikov Plant Commences Operations

The facility is capable of manufacturing 50,000 assault rifles a year, the country's prime minister says

Indian army trucks move along a highway leading to Ladakh. Photo: Reuters

India and China in the Clash for Ladakh

Commentary: China does not need to wage war on India insofar as it can force the Indian government to do what China wants. China also wants to reaffirm mutual neutrality between China and India, while it thinks that Indian President Modi has above all nationalistic aims in the Himalayan region and in the arc of the Three Borders. In essence, Modi's India has chosen on which side to stand in the next "Cold War", which in any case has already started.