Elbit Systems Presents Naval Helicopter Systems

Elbit works in cooperation with Korea Aerospace Industries for development of a naval variant of the Surion Helicopter.

Elbit Systems is offering the South Korean aircraft manufacturer Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) a system package for the naval version of the Surion helicopter.

The Surion is a twin engine helicopter designed and developed in cooperation between KAI and Eurocopter, developed in order to meet the demands of South Korea’s army and air force.

The South Korean company offers a naval variant of the helicopter. Last week at a South Korean exhibition, Elbit Systems demonstrated the systems it is offering for installation aboard the helicopter. These systems would enable the helicopter to carry out naval missions, including operation aboard a ship.

Elbit Systems has significant experience in the development of advanced helicopter systems and sensors, which vastly improves the helicopters’ operational envelope in various flight patterns.

Elbit upgraded various helicopter models in several countries, providing them with advanced capabilities in assault missions, as well as reconnaissance and rescue missions.

There are not yet clients for the naval variant of the helicopter, however, Elbit System’s proposal is generating great interest due to the configuration of the package, which includes highly advanced systems already proven successful on other helicopters.

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