Cooperation Between BlueBird and UAS Technologies

The two Israeli UAV manufacturers will jointly develop a long-endurance UAV

Cooperation Between BlueBird and UAS Technologies

The Israeli UAV manufacturers BlueBird and UAS Technologies, both based out of the town of Kadima, signed an agreement for the joint development of a UAV with a max endurance of 24 hours.

The UAV will be based on the model originally developed by UAS Technologies, a company that specializes in consulting and development for technologies in the aerospace field in military and civilian sectors. In the framework of this cooperation, several modifications will be introduced to the UAV. Its length will be 1.6 meters with a wingspan of 4.1 meters, its max operational range will be approx. 100 kilometers, and it will have a maximum flight altitude of 16,000 feet.

Ronen Nadir, BlueBird’s CEO, said that the new UAV will have an endurance of 24 hours with a fuel-based engine and 12 hours with an electric engine, and it will be equipped with a Controp-produced payload. According to Nadir, “the purpose of the cooperation is to develop relatively cheap systems with operational costs that are also relatively cheap.”

As previously reported by IsraelDefense only a few days ago, the Indian pharmaceutical giant Piramal decided to invest $20 million in BlueBird.

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