Guy Dagan. Photo: Miki Schauder

The Weakest Link: Cyber Risks During the Coronavirus Crisis

An organization’s level of cyber defense is always determined by the weak link- the human element. During these times, the risk becomes greater and more important than ever. Employee education on the matter of cyber threats is essential and crucial for the safety of the organization’s network and property  

Yigal Unna, Director General of the INCD. Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

Israel's Cyber Firms Allowed to Operate Normally, Despite Lockdown

The Israel National Cyber Directorate announced that the country's cyber companies will be able to continue operating normally in order to protect the market from threats. It emphasized that the recent increase of remote work raises the importance of defending cyber infrastructure in Israel

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The Top 5 Questions Organisations Should Ask About Their VPN Connections

It's not just the onset of coronavirus that has encouraged employees around the world to work from home. It’s a lifestyle choice that has become fairly common, which while providing significant flexibility, also provides cyber attackers with a service to target. With many organizations now relying almost entirely on VPN services, it's more important than ever to make sure that VPN servers are up to date and tightly configured

Photo: Toka

Israel’s Toka Advising Nigeria on Cyber Security

The company was selected by the World Bank for the project to enhance Nigeria's cyber development. A team from Toka recently participated in a series of meetings with stakeholders in the Nigerian capital to discuss the challenges facing the country's cyber ecosystem  

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Israeli Company Discovers Vulnerability in Popular App

It has become known to Israel Defense that an Israeli cyber company has identified a vulnerability that enables the interception of communications from an instant message platform. The technology used to identify the vulnerability is said to have been approved for export by the Israeli Defense Ministry

Yossi Tal. Photo: by CITI

Yossi Tal Takes Charge at Citi’s Cyber Security R&D Center

Financial institution’s appointment of new head of innovation center in Israel seen as latest demonstration of growing focus on cyber defense in the banking industry. The move comes as Citi’s Global Cyber Security Innovation Lab launches a large-scale recruitment campaign to fill positions in key fields  

The offices of Lahav 433. Photo: Israel Police's official website

Lahav-433 in the Cybercrime Era

The cyber unit of the Israel Police tackles the most complex cases in this realm. "People should regard us as the Israeli FBI," says a senior police officer. Exclusive report in anticipation of the Cybertech Global conference in Tel Aviv
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