Yossi Tal. Photo: by CITI

Yossi Tal Takes Charge at Citi’s Cyber Security R&D Center

Financial institution’s appointment of new head of innovation center in Israel seen as latest demonstration of growing focus on cyber defense in the banking industry. The move comes as Citi’s Global Cyber Security Innovation Lab launches a large-scale recruitment campaign to fill positions in key fields  

The offices of Lahav 433. Photo: Israel Police's official website

Lahav-433 in the Cybercrime Era

The cyber unit of the Israel Police tackles the most complex cases in this realm. "People should regard us as the Israeli FBI," says a senior police officer. Exclusive report in anticipation of the Cybertech Global conference in Tel Aviv

Archive photo: Bigstock

OSINT: The key to cracking AML/CTF investigations

Financial institutions are vulnerable to attacks by individuals and groups who hide their identity using sophisticated methods. OSINT tools can be useful for obtaining unique intelligence and helping protect the time and resources of financial institutions

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Fighting the Insider Threat

Organizations possessing massive amounts of sensitive information are fighting leaks initiated by employees. Meet the technology that makes it possible to identify insider threats in real time and prevent serious damage  

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The Danger: Critical Damage to Hospital Systems

While awareness of cyber threats to hospital IT systems is on the rise, attacks against the OT systems of medical centers are not given sufficient attention even though they pose a direct threat to human lives. Special review of the relevant risks and possible solutions  

 .Founders of L7 Defense. Photo: L7 Defense

Open Banking Requires Rethinking about API Protection

New open banking regulations promoted by the Bank of Israel introduce new risks in the application programming interfaces (APIs) between the bank and third parties. "Each API interface needs dedicated protection," says Dr. Doron Chema, co-founder and CEO of L7 Defense.  
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