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EU Begins New Naval Operation to Enforce Arms Embargo on Libya

The participating forces are to carry out such tasks as inspecting vessels on the high seas, gathering information on oil and petroleum smuggling, and training the Libyan Navy. The EU says the arms embargo needs to be effectively enforced so that diplomacy aimed at ending Libya's civil war can succeed.   

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Zoom Shifts Focus to Security, Privacy Issues Amid Flood of New Users

The videoconferencing platform was not designed with the foresight that every person in the world would suddenly be homebound. With a very broad set of users utilizing the product in unexpected ways, the company has shifted all of its engineering resources to focus on its biggest trust, safety, and privacy issues, the company's CEO says.

Israel Aerospace Industries CEO Nimrod Sheffer. Photo: Kfir Ziv

IAI Reports Income of Over $4 Billion in 2019

The company's income grew by $426 million in 2019 and its profits increased to $90 million, the highest level in a decade. IAI CEO: The business transformation that the company has undergone during the last few years is bearing fruit  

The Hezbollah drone intercepted by the IDF. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF intercepts Hezbollah drone

The IDF announced it brought down the drone, which flew from Lebanon into Israeli airspace and is believed to have been operated by the Lebanese terror organization

Archive photo: IDF website

IDF Opens Coronavirus Testing Lab

The lab is capable of analyzing hundreds of samples collected each day by mobile teams as part of the struggle against the spread of the contagious virus. The IDF set up the lab at a facility usually used to identify the DNA of fallen IDF troops

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Israeli Defense Firms in Shadow of Coronavirus

Israel's defense companies are preparing to prevent damage to production of weaponry, which is mostly for the IDF. From protective measures to emergency plans: This is how the companies are dealing with the Coronavirus crisis.  
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