Dan Arkin

Brig. Gen. Nimrod Shifroni at UVID 2018 (Photo: Ronen Topelberg)

“Every IDF Ground Unit Operates With Aerial Escort”

Brig. Gen. Nimrod Shifroni of the Israeli Air Force spoke at the 7th International UVID Conference on Unmanned Vehicles, addressing the UAS integration in the IAF’s strategy for 2030

Photo: US Navy

US Navy Launches First UAV Test Squadron

The goal of the new squadron is to provide research, development, test and evaluation support for Navy and Marine Corps UAS. The unit will fly a variety of fixed and rotary UAVs, including the Aeronautics RQ-26 Aerostar

Archive photo: AP

Report: Russian Army Accepts Advanced Long-Range Missile for S-400 System

A source in the Russian defense industry told TASS that the 40N6 long-range surface-to-air missile of the S-400 system has been accepted for service in the Russian Army. “More than a thousand of 40N6 missiles are planned to be purchased under the state armament program through 2027,” the source said

Archive photo: AP

Six European Countries Develop Sensor Network to Detect WMDs

Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are developing a software sensor network to detect any biological, chemical, nuclear, or radiological threat. The sensors will be put on unmanned ground and aerial vehicles that can be deployed in danger zones