Dan Arkin

The wing of a T-38 aircraft. Photo: IAI

IAI Signs Huge Contract with US Air Force

The contract worth $241 million is for replacement of wings of the veteran T-38 trainer jet, which is used for education and training of undergraduate pilots, among others. A senior IAI executive called the deal "additional proof of the US Air Force's trust and recognition of the company."  

 The simulator at ze'elim base. Photo: Bagira 

As Close as it Gets to Enemy Territory

An operation in the heart of Gaza, a patrol along the Lebanese border, a West Bank roadblock, and an extrication mission from deep behind enemy lines – the simulators at the IDF Ground Training Center at the Tze'elim base prepare IDF commanders for various combat scenarios from the comfort of an air-conditioned room  

precision missile that hit a hamas target ar gaza strip. Photo: AP

Turning Steel Pipes into Smart Munitions

The field of guided missile conversion has made headlines recently with the expansion of Iran's precision missile project throughout the Middle East. But while Tehran and Hezbollah have only been involved in this activity over the last few years, the Israeli defense industries have already gained extensive experience converting "dumb" ordnance into precision-guided munitions