Lieut. Gen. (res) Gabi Ashkenazi. Photo: Adina Wolman, Knesset Spokespersons Office

Israel Security Agency Authorized to Track COVID-19 Patients until End of April

A Knesset subcommittee will continue its supervision and receive a report every six days on the data handed over by the ISA to the Health Ministry. "The committee maintained the proper balance between the need to protect public health and protection of the right to privacy," said the chairman of the temporary committee for ISA matters, Lieut. Gen. (res.) Ashkenazi.

The Israeli pavilion at Eurosatory 2018. Photo: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson's Office  

Eurosatory 2020 Exhibition Cancelled

The largest European arms show, which is held biennially in Paris and attracts about 100,000 visitors, has been called off due to the spread of the coronavirus in France. Eurosatory will next be held in June 2022. Organizers took the step due to the inability to meet the conditions for preparing and running the event

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Coronavirus Leads to Sharp Rise in Phishing Attacks

The number of phishing attack sites on the internet has reportedly risen to 350% of their level in January. “I believe hackers have identified the coronavirus as something about which users are desperate to find information,” said Rachel Welch, COO of Atlas VPN

Photo: MOD

Israeli Defense Firms in Shadow of Coronavirus

Israel's defense companies are preparing to prevent damage to production of weaponry, which is mostly for the IDF. From protective measures to emergency plans: This is how the companies are dealing with the Coronavirus crisis.  

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Israeli Company Discovers Vulnerability in Popular App

It has become known to Israel Defense that an Israeli cyber company has identified a vulnerability that enables the interception of communications from an instant message platform. The technology used to identify the vulnerability is said to have been approved for export by the Israeli Defense Ministry

A test of the Spike missile system. Archive photo: Rafael

IDF to Adapt Spike Missile to Urban Warfare

Amid steps to boost the IDF's efficiency being led by the Ground Forces commander, a senior officer said the IDF will adapt the Spike missile to current threats. "We will develop a version that is more suitable to urban warfare," the officer told Israel Defense

The offices of Lahav 433. Photo: Israel Police's official website

Lahav-433 in the Cybercrime Era

The cyber unit of the Israel Police tackles the most complex cases in this realm. "People should regard us as the Israeli FBI," says a senior police officer. Exclusive report in anticipation of the Cybertech Global conference in Tel Aviv