Photo: AP

Invading Syria: a Honey Trap for Erdoğan

The criticism against President Trump for abandoning the Kurds notwithstanding, his decision to allow the Turks to enter northern Syria appears to have been the outcome of strategic thinking. Erdoğan appears to have won the negotiations, but in the long run he has a lot to lose. Commentary  

The Carmel technology to be introduced in the USA (Photo: Elbit Systems)

Elbit to Introduce its Version of the Carmel Vehicle in the USA

Elbit Systems, through its US affiliate, will introduce some of its primary systems at AUSA in Washington. Some of the other systems to be introduced for the first time: Iron Fist, a state-of-the-art pilot helmet and a cutting-edge warfighter suit

Iran's Ghadr missile (Archive photo: AP)

The Cruise Missile Arsenal of the Middle East

Cruise missiles are no longer the exclusive domain of a handful of global powers. The proliferation of these strategic missiles has expanded to such rogue states as Iran and even to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Special review of the cruise missile threat in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia displays weapon debris it says proves Iran was behind the attack on Saudi Aramco’s facilities (Photo: AP)

The Saudi Oil Attack: Lessons for Israel

The attack by Iran or its proxies against the Saudi oil installations has provided numerous insights to decision-makers and military strategists in Israel. From the cunning moves of the enemy through the diplomacy of war to the alliance with our closest ally