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אל"מ (במיל') ד"ר שאול שי, היסטוריון וסופר, לשעבר קצין המודיעין של פיקוד דרום וראש מחלקת היסטוריה בצה"ל. כיום משמש מרצה במרכז הבינתחומי בהרצליה,

A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition displays wreckage from Iranian-Huthi suicide drones, April 2018 (Photo: AP)

The “Drone Wars” in Yemen

After the US has been increasingly using drones against al-Qaeda targets in Yemen in the last few years, the Houthis are now escalating their use of UAVs against the Saudi-led coalition and may be embracing drone bombings as a new tactic

Prince Sultan bin Salman, the appointed head the new agency (Photo: AP)

Saudi Arabia to Establish National Space Agency

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to set up its own space agency, with King Salman's son named as its chairman. The announcement comes just weeks after two Saudi-designed satellites were launched into space from China

Malian soldiers receive counterterrorism training by US Special Forces (Archive photo: AP)

The CEN-SAD Battle against Terrorism

Radical Islamic terrorist groups in the Sahel and Sahara are turning the area into a hub for terrorist and present a continuing threat to the stability of the region. In the face of this threat, the 27 member-states of the CEN-SAD community are ramping up their counterterrorism efforts

The new Sahand destroyer in Bandar Abbas, Iran (Photo: AP)

Iran Launched New Destroyer

The Iranian announcements of the new destroyer and mini-submarines are likely intended to boost Iran’s military image amid rising tensions with the United States