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אל"מ (במיל') ד"ר שאול שי, היסטוריון וסופר, לשעבר קצין המודיעין של פיקוד דרום וראש מחלקת היסטוריה בצה"ל. כיום משמש מרצה במרכז הבינתחומי בהרצליה,

The new Sahand destroyer in Bandar Abbas, Iran (Photo: AP)

Iran Launched New Destroyer

The Iranian announcements of the new destroyer and mini-submarines are likely intended to boost Iran’s military image amid rising tensions with the United States

Saudi Arabian security forces thwarted an attempted attack on an Aramco oil distribution center involving an unmanned boat from Yemen, April 2017 (Photo: Saudi Interior Ministry via AP)

Saudi Arabia Launches Self-Guided Boat to Tackle Houthi Naval Attacks

The Black Shark, which can be fitted with a wide range of weapons, features a long-range radar that covers up to 150 kilometers and sensor systems that allow it to monitor and create a 3D map of a 200-meter area surrounding the vessel

President Putin and President El-Sisi during a signing ceremony following their meeting in Sochi (Photo: AP)

Russia, Egypt Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Putin and El-Sisi signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation and strategic partnership following a summit in Sochi last week. The two presidents have also discussed regional issues, economic cooperation and the implementation of joint projects