Lior Ackerman

Palestinian members of the Al-Quds Brigades march in Gaza (Photo: AP)

The Gaza Strip: an Overcrowded Playground

While Hamas is the governing element responsible for Gaza, numerous other organizations operate alongside it in the coastal enclave, some of which are even more radical and strive for a direct confrontation with Israel. Lior Ackerman, a former senior ISA officer, attempts to map out the different actors in the Strip

Hamas militant in Gaza (Photo: AP)

Israel’s Dilemma in the Gaza Strip

For years, Israel has operated under the assumption that it would be preferable for Hamas to remain in power in Gaza, rather than a more radical faction. Lior Ackerman, a former senior ISA officer, believes it is time for a strategy shift. The full article will be published in the upcoming issue of Israel Defense Magazine

Arab citizens of Israel demonstrating (Photo: AP)

Israeli Home-Grown Terrorism

The present round of violence has reinstated in everyone's consciousness the concept of "Israeli terrorism". How do the intelligence agencies, notably ISA, deal with this home-grown terrorism? Exclusive article by Lior Ackerman, formerly a senior ISA officer