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Greg Day, VP and Chief Security Officer, EMEA, at Palo Alto Networks. Photo provided by the company

From doorbells and fish tanks to nuclear reactors: why focus on IoT security

Commentary: One of the greatest risks of the connected world is that something quite trivial could end up having a huge impact on a business if it gets into the wrong communication flow and becomes an entry point for a cyberattack. To address such risk, segmentation should be at the heart of every company’s connected strategy. 

Photo: IAF.  The photos below, provided by the IDF, show the scene of the attempted attack and an image from the video of the incident.    

IDF strikes targets in Syria after thwarting IED attack on border 

The Israeli military said it attacked observation posts, intelligence collection systems, antiaircraft artillery, and command and control facilities, holding Damascus responsible for the serious incident

Photo: Bigstock

China’s new strategic positioning

Commentary:  An economic and intelligence war is developing between China and the United States. Nations are not corporations and they do not compete against one another as companies always do, but they certainly compete for markets, financial resources, technologies and cultural or influence operations.