| 23/09/2020

It is due to the American agreement to sell F-35 fighters to the UAE. Israel is interested in the early delivery of refueling planes as well as the V-22 hybrid helicopter-airplane, additional 'Adir' fighters and advanced F-15 fighters


| 23/09/2020

Among the weapons transferred by Hezbollah to the Irish organization were rifles, ammunition and mortar bombs. The contacts between the terrorist organizations started during 2017 


| 23/09/2020

The company’s solutions, which have been granted dozens of patents, are being used by global automotive manufacturers covering a third of global car production

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An Israeli Air Force F-16 Falcon during an exercise in Germany in August.  Photo: BIGSTOCK/Copyright: ArjanL

Demand for F-16 Falcon growing worldwide

Orders for Lockheed Martin's popular fighter may reach the 5,000 mark. There are currently F-16s being manufactured for Bahrain, Bulgaria and Slovakia

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Photo: US State Department

US announces restoration of sanctions on Iran

The declaration was opposed by the majority of the members of the UN Security Council including allies of the US. Pompeo called the return of sanctions a step toward security and peace, and said the US will announce measures for strengthening implementation

Photo: Bigstock

Israeli startup Varada raises $12 million in Series A

The startup that deals with big data is preparing to announce the general availability of its data virtualization platform. The company raised $7.5 million in a seed round in early 2019

The Abraham Accord signing ceremony at the White House on September 15. Photo: US State Department

The new relationship between Israel and Bahrain

Commentary: The Sunni world knows it can never do without the West to seriously oppose Iran and its proxies. It also needs the U.S. and the EU technologies to make the "energy transition" from oil and gas to renewables. Finally, it needs weapons and technologies, but probably also direct military aid from the United States and NATO - and, in the future, also from the Jewish State.