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Apache helicopter. Photo: Boeing

Boeing Delivers 2,500th AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Apaches have evolved with revolutionary technologies so they now feature capabilities for resiliency in multi-mission operational environments, meeting the requirements of aviators and battlefield commanders 

IAI CEO Nimrod Sheffer. Photo provided by the company

IAI CEO Nimrod Sheffer is Stepping Down

During his term as CEO, Sheffer has introduced a series of reforms and drafted a growth strategy that has yielded excellent business results for IAI in the past six quarters

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of his country's Security Council. Photo: Reuters

The Russian Constitutional Referendum of July 1, 2020

Commentary: What does President Putin want to achieve with his constitutional reform? Centralization of true power in his hands, up to two terms and even beyond but, on the other hand, distribution regulated by the central power to the regional governments. A new configuration of power in Russia until Putin finds his true heir apparent. If he ever finds him, of course.