| 10/05/2021

Hamas carried out its threat, firing rockets toward Jerusalem at 18:00. A siren went off at the Knesset. The IDF said it identified seven launches from the territory of the Gaza Strip towards Israel   


| 10/05/2021

According to a new report, Iranian agents are targeting residents of Scotland on social networks and encouraging them to share separatist materials. In addition, websites were set up to spread fake news regarding the issue  

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Photo: Handout via Reuters

Ransomware attack shuts down largest gas pipeline in US 

In the latest escalation, the system of Colonial Pipeline, which is responsible for almost half of the east coast's fuel supply, has been shut down since Friday in an attempt to minimize damage from the attack. President Biden was briefed, and it was hinted that Russia is involved 

Palestinian protesters run as Israeli police fire water canon containing a foul smelling substance amid ongoing tension ahead of an upcoming court hearing in an Israel-Palestinian land-ownership dispute in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem May 5, 2021. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Commentary: Hamas creating new equation in conflict with Israel, and concern over two-front outburst grows  

"If the aggression in Sheikh Jarrah does not stop, the enemy will pay dearly," the head of the Hamas military wing said in a recent statement. It means Hamas is threatening to respond militarily from the Gaza Strip to occurrences in Jerusalem, writes Dr. Michael Milshtein, a Palestinian affairs expert and senior analyst at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya 

A diagram of an autonomous underwater vehicle from the malicious RTF file. Photo from the report by Cybereason on the company website

Not only the US: Chinese hackers attack Russian defense contractor

The attackers tried to carry out spear phishing by sending emails with a malicious attachment to a general director at the largest submarine design center in Russia. Investigators believe that it was a Chinese attack because of the similarity in tactics and technology to known Chinese groups