Computers by AITEC for NASA’s Falcon-9

AITEC of Israel incorporated in one of NASA’s most prestigious projects - Falcon-9 Future Spaceflight Launch Vehicle

Israeli participation in a cutting-edge technological project: the AITEC Company was selected to provide computer system for NASA’s Falcon-9 future spaceflight launch vehicle.

AITEC was established 30 years ago and is located in Hertzliya. The Company is held by a Dutch investment company and holds a subsidiary in the USA. AITEC’s centers in Israel and the USA are engaged in the development and manufacture of ruggedized computer systems designed to operate even under extreme environmental conditions – in space as well as inside missile systems, on board combat vehicles and manned and unmanned airborne vehicles.

AITEC’s annual sales turnover is estimated at about US$ 25 million. Computers by AITEC were incorporated in dozens of defense projects in Israel and the USA, including Boeing’s new Unmanned Airborne Vehicle, intended to attack any target around the globe within two hours at most.

The Falcon-9 project, in which AITEC computers were also incorporated, is being performed for NASA by SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation) of California. The project, scheduled to be completed in 2025, involves the development of a spacecraft which is to replace the space shuttle orbiters that were retired from service. The new spacecraft should be able to land at any airport around the globe. It will transport equipment and astronauts to stations outside the planet.

Sources at AITEC say that the primary challenge associated with the development of computer systems for NASA’s primary space projects in ensuring the functional continuity of the computers even under extreme pressure conditions that are typical of spacecraft launches, as well as in environments characterized by extremely powerful electromagnetic radiation and extreme temperatures (between minus 55 and plus 80 degrees Celsius).

Computer systems by AITEC have successfully passed a series of tests in the context of the Falcon project recently.