A Hezbollah tunnel, neutralized by the IDF during Operation Northern Shield. Photo: IDF Spokesperson

“Our actions deter Hezbollah”

Special Report: More than a year after operation “Northern Shield”, the IDF is continuing to monitor the possible resurgence of the tunnel threat. “Today the firepower is a million times more powerful, and in a second we can burn everything that is happening on the other side,” an IDF source tells Israel Defense

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Archive photo: AP

Bennett Approves IDF’s “Momentum“ Plan

Approval of the multi-year plan comes following an addition of 2 billion NIS to the IDF's budget. The security cabinet is expected to approve the plan at its next meeting

ISA Director Nadav Argaman. Photo: Ronen Topelberg

ISA Head: “We thwarted 560 terrorist attacks in the past year”

Agency director Nadav Argaman spoke at the ceremony for the Prime Minister’s Prize for ISA intelligence/operational achievements. Argaman said that “ten suicide attacks, four kidnapping attacks and more than 300 shooting attacks” were among those thwarted

IDF F-35 aircraft. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

“Support for IDF action against Iran - even if it leads to war”

A comprehensive study by the INSS has found that the Israeli public supports the IDF’s actions against Iranian entrenchment in the northern sector. According to the findings, only about half of the public thinks that the home front is prepared for a war. Also: What does the public think about Israel’s relations with the US?

Photo: By Refael

Digitizing the Battlefield

The significant changes in warfare have made the role of the soldier on the ground more complex. This reality compels the defense industries to develop resources that would make life easier for military forces. For this purpose, Rafael established an innovation program center intended to adapt the company's products to the world of network-centric warfare  

An intercepting rocket fired by the upgraded Iron Dome system. Photo: Israel Ministry of Defense

Watch: New Series of Iron Dome Tests Are Successful

A decade after the first test series for the Israeli missile defense system, a new series examined how Iron Dome would handle an updated world of threats

An infantry soldier with a Spike SR missile. Photo: Rafael

Video: Watch Rafael’s Spike SR Demo

The Israeli defense systems developer’s missile was designed to be a more maneuverable, lightweight anti-tank weapon for infantry forces
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