Good News for the Israeli Defense Industries: Australia to Purchase 129 Redback IFVs

The Redback has many Israeli systems: Rafael's Spike missile launchers; Elbit's Iron Fist active protection system as well as a turret and Electro-optics devices; and Plasan's armor protection

The Australian government has signed an agreement with the South Korean company Hanwha Defense to manufacture and supply 129 RedBack infantry fighting vehicles worth about $2.6 billion to the Australian army. The production of the IFVs will be done in Australia and the supply to the army will take place in 2027-28.

In July, South Korea’s Hanwa Defense won the Australian Army's future APC tender – the LAND 400 program, which will produce and supply the Australian Army with 129 Redback APCs. The South Korean company won this tender over the German company Rheinmetall's KF-41 Lynx APC when originally the intention was to create and supply 450 APCs. Still, the number was dramatically cut about a year and a half ago as a result of a change in the army's priorities and budget problems.

From the Israeli perspective, what is special about this APC is the wealth of Israeli systems installed in it: Rafael's Spike anti-tank missile launchers; Elbit's Iron Fist" active protection system, MT30 Mk2 turret, and Electro-optics devices; and Plasan's armor protection.

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