Major Deal for Israeli Defense Industry: Redback Chosen as Australian Army’s Future APC

Among the Israeli systems installed in the Redback are Rafael's "Spike" missile launchers; Elbit's" Iron Fist" active protection system, a turret and Electro-optics devices; and Plasan's armor protection

The Australian press is reporting in recent days that the big winner in the Australian Army's future APC tender - LAND 400 program - is the South Korean company Hanwha Defense, which will produce and supply the Australian Army with 129 Redback APCs.

From the Israeli perspective, what is special about this APC is the wealth of Israeli systems installed in it: Rafael's "Spike" anti-tank missile launchers; Elbit's" Iron Fist" active protection system, a turret, and Electro-optics devices; and Plasan's armor protection.

Redback’s main armament is a Mk44S Bushmaster II 30mm cannon capable of firing all natures of 30mm x 173mm ammunition and a 7.62 mm machine gun. A remote-controlled weapon station can also be installed on the APC that includes a 7.62 mm machine gun, a heavy .50 machine gun, and an automatic grenade launcher.

The South Korean company won this tender over the German company Rheinmetall's KF-41 Lynx APC when originally the intention was to create and supply 450 APCs, but the number was dramatically cut about a year ago as a result of a change in the army's priorities and budget problems.

According to estimates, the cost of an Elbit turret is about $2 million per unit, including the Iron Fist.

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