Hundreds of Emtan "Ramon" Pistols Sold to Peruvian Police

540 Ramon pistols in 9x19 mm caliber, worth about half a million dollars, will be handed over to the police

Hundreds of Emtan "Ramon" Pistols Sold to Peruvian Police

Photo courtesy Emtan

Emtan, an Israeli small arms manufacturer, is deepening its penetration into the South American market. According to Army Recognition, the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru signed a $472.5 contract with the company to supply 540 9x19 Ramon pistols for its National Police.

This past summer. the Ecuadorian Police purchased 1,752 MZ-4P assault rifles and 30 MZ10 sniper rifles, in a $4.5 million deal. 

"Etman also supplies thousands of firearms to countries in Latin America under many contracts with government agencies and we will continue to offer high-quality weapons to government agencies around the world."

Concerning the specific contract for the Ramon pistols in Peru, the company said that "a delegation of officers and soldiers from the Peruvian army came to Emtan to perform pre-acceptance exams based on the NATO AC225 standard.  

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