Cyberattack against International Maritime Organization

The attack against the IMO took place a number of days after a cyberattack on the CMA CGM shipping company

Photo: Bigstock

The computer network of the International Maritime Organization was hit by a major cyberattack last week (on October 1). The attack caused the complete shutdown of the organization's internet site and the shutdown of the internal communication network, the databases and the e-mail system.   

About a day after the attack, the organization said that the e-mail servers and the organizational networks started working again, but the internet site and its online services for customers were not working. The source of the attack on the shipping organization has so far not been identified. The International Maritime Organization has been working for the last three years to formulate and implement global regulations in the field of cyber defense that are expected to be published in the coming months and be implemented in the maritime industry, with an emphasis on ships starting from next year.  

The attack on the International Maritime Organization took place a number of days after a cyberattack on the CMA CGM shipping company, one of the biggest in the world. This attack, which apparently started at one of the branches of the company in Asia, spread to other branches in the world and paralyzed the shipping company's ability to provide service to its customers for a number of days.   

The global shipping market has experienced quite a few cyberattacks during the last four years that were carried out against sea ports, shipping companies and ships. The shipping market started to prepare to deal with them during these years but at a relatively slow pace while implementing solutions for defense of computer and data infrastructures of the sea ports and shipping companies.