Israel’s “Blue and White” Defense Orders Reach 11.6 Billion NIS

The Defense Ministry released its statistics on procurement of Israeli-made products for the IDF and the ministry in 2019. According to the statistics of the Department of Production and Procurement, “Hundreds of millions were directed during the year to procure means to increase deadliness, in accordance with the IDF’s plan and the ministry’s new multi-year ‘Momentum’ plan”

Israel’s “Blue and White” Defense Orders Reach 11.6 Billion NIS

IDF soldiers. Archive photo: IDF Spokesperson

The Defense Ministry’s Department of Production and Procurement released today (Sunday) the domestic procurement statistics of the ministry and the IDF.  According to the statistics, the procurement carried out by the ministry in 2019 reached about 11.6 billion NIS, while the total agreements and active “blue and white” (domestic) orders stood at about 48 billion NIS, and hundreds of millions of shekels were directed to procure weapons for increased deadliness, according to IDF demands and as part of the steps to set the ministry’s new “Momentum” multi-year plan in motion.
Among the noteworthy projects in 2019 were procurement of weapons for “Saar-6” warships, active defense for the “Eitan” armored personnel carrier, ammunition for infantry units and “deadly” weaponry, and tech-heavy information and communications projects for supporting the “digital military” plan.  
“As for the breakdown by fields”, the Defense Ministry noted, “The majority of the procurement in the year 2019, about 3.8 billion NIS, was carried out for the ground forces, while 1.9 billion NIS were spent for procurement for the air force and navy, about 2 billion NIS for intelligence technology, about 1.9 billion NIS for multi-branch logistics procurement, and about 2 billion NIS for the procurement of services. The department’s procurement in 2019 directly subsidized 50,000 homes, including 10,000 in the periphery (areas given national preference and ones affected by war).”
Avi Dadon, deputy director general and head of the Department of Production and Procurement, said regarding the statistics:” We are winding up a very challenging year with a successful bottom line for the Israeli economy, with 11.6 billion NIS streamed to thousands of Israeli suppliers, from tomatoes in the Gaza border area to the most advanced technologies that the Israeli defense industry has to offer. We succeeded despite a long and difficult period in terms of budget, achieved most of the objectives and laid the foundations for realizing the “momentum” multi-year plan as well as the changes that the IDF chief of staff is leading.”

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