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אור הלר החל את דרכו ב-1995 בגלי צה"ל ככתב צבאי וכתב משטרה ומשפט בתל אביב. לאחר השחרור הצטרף ל"מעריב" ככתב משפטי. ב-2002, הצטרף חדשות 10 ובסוף 2004 מונה לשליח חדשות 10 ו"מעריב" בפריז. מאז 2008 הלר הוא הכתב הצבאי של חדשות 10,

The large-scale multinational exercise simulated the aftermath of a major earthquake (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

Israeli Navy Leads International Exercise Simulating Major Earthquake

The IDF Naval Arm has recently completed a joint training exercise with ten other naval forces that simulated a major earthquake hitting Israel. This was the first time that the Navy has carried out an exercise focused on earthquake response

The departing commander of the IDF Nahal Brigade, Col. Dan Goldfus (Photo: IDF)

Challenges of Command

In a special interview, the departing commander of the IDF Nahal Brigade, Col. Dan Goldfus, talks about the challenges of his position, the threats facing the various theaters, and dealing with the young generation joining the military. "The troopers come from a technological world where everything is instant. Our job is to challenge them"

The David’s Sling system (Photo: IDF)

First Operational Use of David’s Sling System

Israel on Monday activated its David’s Sling air defense system for the first time against two rockets fired from Syria. “No damage was caused, and there were no injuries,” the IDF said in a statement

Photo: IDF

Israel Confirms 2007 Attack on Syrian Nuclear Reactor

After 11 years, detailed information regarding one of Israel's most audacious military operations – the air strike that destroyed the Syrian nuclear reactor, then under construction, in September 2007 – has finally come to light. This is the story of Operation Outside the Box

Fighters of the Kometz Unit operating on the border (Photo: IDF)

On Both Sides of the Fence

It is one of the most anonymous units in the IDF, but those serving in it operate along Israel's "hottest" fronts – the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Syria. The Kometz Unit is responsible for all of Israel's border fences. "The availability of the forces and the promptness of the alert and malfunction reports are extremely critical"

IDF Commando Brigade during a joint exercise in Cyprus (Photo: IDF)

IDF to Establish Commando Training School

Two years after the establishment of the Commando Brigade, the IDF will establish a commando school to train fighters from the Maglan, Duvdevan, Egoz and Rimon units