US Marine Corps Eyes Iron Dome Air Defense System

By NatanFlayer - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The United States Marine Corps is seeking new air defense systems as it faces advancing military capabilities from Russia and China and contends with the proliferation of drone technology among small terror groups.

The Corps is eyeing a number of technologies, including Israel’s Iron Dome system, known as SkyHunter in the US, according to Marine Corps briefing slides prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee.

According to the Senate briefing, the Marine Corps sought limited funding in fiscal year 2019 to begin testing and integration of the SkyHunter system with the Corps’ Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar, or G/ATOR.

The briefing slides detailed that the Corps has considered mounting the launchers and Iron Dome’s Tamir interceptors on the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV, and Oshkosh’s Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement truck, or MTVR.

An MTVR configured launcher could support a mix of 20 missiles, and the smaller JLTV system would boast a mix of only four missiles but would be highly mobile, the briefing slides highlighted.


[Source: Marine Corps Times]

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