Iran Attacks Israel with Over 300 Drones, Cruise Missiles and Ballistic Missiles

The attack was largely thwarted by the IDF and Israel’s regional and global partners, which took part in nigh-long interception efforts. Today: schools throughout the country remain shut, limitations on gatherings

Iran Attacks Israel with Over 300 Drones, Cruise Missiles and Ballistic Missiles

Photo: Mohammad Hamad / Anadolu via Reuters Connect

During Iran’s attack on Israel overnight, it launched more than 300 drones and missiles. According to the IDF, 99% of the threats were intercepted.

“The Iranian threat was met by the IDF’s aerial and technological superiority, combined with a powerful coalition. Together, the vast majority of the threats were intercepted,” said  IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagary.

None of the 170 drones entered Israeli territory: dozens were intercepted by Israeli Air Force fighter jets, Israel’s aerial defense systems, and the aircraft and defense systems of Israel’s partners, Hagari said.

Iran also launched more than 30 cruise missiles, none of which entered Israel’s territory. 25 of them were intercepted by the Air Force. The third kind of threat launched at Israel overnight was ballistic missiles: over 120 missiles, out of which only a few managed to penetrate Israeli territory – falling in the Nevatim Air Base in southern Israel, causing damage to infrastructure. Overnight, it was already reported that Nevatim would be a target. The base remains functional. A 10-year-old Israeli girl was seriously wounded by shrapnel from one of the interceptions.

Israel was also attacked overnight by Iranian proxies from Iraq and Yemen, but none of the threats entered its territory. Hezbollah in Lebanon also launched dozens of rockets toward Israel’s northern area – and Israel retaliated with air force attacks on targets in Lebanon.

“Over the past six months, we have been working together with our partners, headed by the US CENTCOM, the US, France, and other countries that operated tonight,” Hagari said. “This partnership has always been tight, but tonight was expressed in an exceptional manner.” Jordan also took part in the defense operation, thwarting the threats that flew in its terrotiry.

Hagari added that even though Iran’s attack was largely thwarted, the threat Isn’t over, and that Israel and the IDF are prepared for further developments. Today and tomorrow, no educational activities will take place throughout Israel, and there are limitations on gatherings. Israel’s and Jordan’s air spaces closed overnight, both reopened this morning.

Last night’s protests against the government and for the release of the 133 hostages held in captivity by Hamas for over six months – which have been now were cut short due to the limitations entering into force.

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