Israel’s Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities Shares Insights on Smart and Innovative Cities

Haim Bibas spoke on the joint stage of Cybertech Global Tel Aviv and the Sparks Innovation Summit

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

Haim Bibas, Chairman of Israel’s Federation of Local Authorities, presented digitalization and automation processes implemented in local authorities. The goal: financial savings and better service for residents. He spoke on the joint stage of Cybertech Global Tel Aviv and the Sparks Innovation Summit.

"Let's start with one of the areas where we are less proficient compared to the world – transportation. For good transportation, real-time digitization is necessary, not statistics. The civilians need to know when the bus is coming," Bibas said.

“Another area is energy efficiency. We are in the process of implementing green energy production methods: panels, poles, and more. Waste management is also a factor. In more than 50 local authorities, waste management has become part of a digital process. Trash bins are emptied only when full. The savings from the process amount to millions per year.

"Water systems today are also automated. There's a dashboard for weather, humidity, etc., allowing optimal watering times for public gardens. This saves water. We’ve been building digitalization processes for the past six years, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this.  

"All these processes and data need to be protected in cyberspace. Our role as a local authority is to provide cyber protection. We're also implementing additional technologies: fiber deployment, cloud migration, IoT services, and more."

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