Cybertech Global TLV | The Future of Investment in Israeli Cyber

Cyber giant Yossi Vardi spoke with executives at YL Ventures and Merlin Ventures about the current challenges and opportunities

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

The industry as a wholeis going through tremendous challenges, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that Israeli cybersecurity is considered the Ivy League of global cybersecurity,” said Sharon Seemann, Partner at YL Ventures, on the Cybertech Global Tel Aviv main stage this morning (Tuesday).

Speaking with Israeli cyber giant, serial entrepreneur and Cybertech Chairperson, Yossi Vardi, Seeman added that “We’ve seen this during the pandemic and now during the war – Israeli founders are about to deliver, no matter what. This has a lot of value. Yet, we are very affected both by market and regional instability.

Seth Spregel, Managing Partner at Merlin Ventures, who also participated in the conversation, said that “Startups that were founded during conflict tended to outperform startups launched during calmer times. It’s a difficult time to start something new, so the ones who make it are the strongest ones out there. When times get easier, you are in a much better position than others that didn’t face such challenges.

“Israel produces a lot of great companies, this is testimony that the world is interested in what we have to offer – but this doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, looking at the volatile market abroad,” Seeman said. “YL is looking for experienced entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the cybersecurity market but also a business understanding. We provide all the support needed.”

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