Cybertech Global Tel Aviv | Rafael Franco: The Defense Line Will Always Break

The CEO & Co-Founder of Code Blue spoke on the main stage of this international conference, sharing insights from his decades of experience

Rafael Franco, CEO & Co-Founder of Code Blue, built the first civilian war room to locate missing persons and ran it for 45 days, following the October 7th massacre by Hamas. He spoke about his experience, employing cyber’s best capabilities while addressing the crises on this domain on the main Cybertech Global Tel Aviv stage this morning (Tuesday).

“A cyber crisis is a huge business disruption, not a technology issue. The tech is just a trigger. In a massive ransom attack, you need massive power to counter the attacker,” he said. Referring to an IDF motto, he said that “We must remember that the defense line will always break down,” hence the necessity to be fully prepared before the crisis happens.

“In Code Blue we try to predict before an attack happens in order to understand better. There are more than 200 predictive questions, which are completely different from incident response. We need something practical, something actionable. We create plans that can be used, not shelves, and run crises all over the globe.”

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