Cybertech Global Tel Aviv | Gil Schwed: We’re In the 5th Generation of Cyber Attacks

The founder CEO of Check Point Software Technologies on the role of cyber in the physical world and the increase in hackers’ sophistication

“We are in the midst of some of the most sophisticated attacks we have seen, from all types of attackers – ideological ones, nation-state-sponsored organizations, financial criminals, and more,” said Check Point Software Technologies Founder & CEO, Gil Schwed, on the main stage of Cybertech Global Tel Aviv this morning (Tuesday).

“The major countries try to use their cyber power. Some aspects are behind the scenes – collecting intel, gaining control over critical systems, etc., while others aspects are fighting the actual cyber war – from WannaCry on Ukraine a few years ago to mainstream attacks on Israel from Hezbollah and Iran. The sophistication level is increasing, the internet is an open universe and technologies often find themselves spreading.”

Schwed addressed the specific challenges Israel is currently facing in its cyber war with Iran, saying that “the good news is that Israel sees the attacks and can fight them. The bad news is that many organizations are behind on their defense.

“We’re in the 5th generation of cyberattacks: attacks that are very hard to identify, polymorphic – meaning they look different every time, and are multiple-stage attacks, causing a lot of damage which is more difficult to repair.”

At the end of his talk, Schwed was surprised by Cybertech’s CEO Amir Rapaport and Chairman Yossi Vardi with an honorary plaque, in honor of his devotion to Cybertech over the past 10 years.

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