Israeli Air Force Updates Its Training Plan for the Coming Year

The training will include extensive long-range assault exercises, penetration flights into enemy territory, decision-making under wartime conditions, and surprise drills

Israeli Air Force Updates Its Training Plan for the Coming Year

Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The Israeli Air Force's training plan for the current year of war will focus on enhancing the readiness of the force for warfare in the northern arena, including prolonged combat engagements.

After the Swords of Iron War broke out, the training plan that was prepared at the time was put on hold. However, in recent weeks, an IDF spokesperson announced that the force is gradually returning to training.

The current training plan includes planning and executing operational models, scenarios relevant to various sectors, and anticipated threats. Long-range massive attacks, penetration into enemy territory, decision-making under wartime conditions, and surprise drills.

The plan encompasses all branches of the Air Force as well as the operational headquarters, which concurrently manages the warfare. Throughout the year, intensive readiness processes and training will be conducted, including the development of military tactics. The plan has been set to ensure it does not impact the ongoing operational activity in the Gaza Strip, including joint operations with ground forces.

In recent weeks, the Air Force has hinted at capabilities to strike targets deep in Lebanon, having targeted objectives over 100 kilometers from the border.

Despite the focus of the training plan on the northern theater, statements have been made since the beginning of the war suggesting that the Air Force's extensive operations in the Gaza Strip have not utilized even a small portion of its overall capabilities. The training plan emphasizes the theme of cooperation with ground forces, which will be activated to a greater extent if a full-scale war erupts in the north.

The Air Force is hopeful for the approval of aircraft procurement processes in the United States, one of the current topics of discussion during Defense Minister Galant's meetings in Washington. The emphasis is on additional refueling aircraft, various types of armaments, and in the more distant future, advanced combat aircraft such as the F-15 IA.

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