Cybertech Latin America Attracts Global Cyber Leaders to Panama

Over 1,000 cyber experts and executives from around the world attended this major cyber conference, held for the sixth consecutive year in Panama City

Israel's Ambassador to Panama, Itai Bar-Dov. Photos courtesy PROPANAMA, Panama’s  Export and Investment Promotion Authority

Over 1,000 cyber experts and executives from around the world attended Cybertech Latin America, held last week for the sixth consecutive year in Panama City. Panama aims to become a sustainable investment hub and is seeking to enhance its cooperation with the State of Israel in technological and economic field

Among the distinguished participants at the conference were Panama's Foreign Minister, Janaina Tewaney Mencomo; Israel's Ambassador to Panama, Itai Bar-Dov; entrepreneur and Cybertech founder, Amir Rapaport; Danilo Fernandes, senior manager at Cable & Wireless LTD; Aviram Atzaba, Executive Director of Foreign Relations the Israel National Cyber Directorate; Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director at the National Cyber Security Alliance (US); and many other senior international figures from the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and more.

The conference featured workshops by CAPATEC, which leads the promotion of the information and communication technologies (ICT) field in Panama.

Some of the many topics featured in the conference included cybersecurity in the era of artificial intelligence; major cybersecurity challenges for 2024; developing ecological cyber systems; the Israeli cyber array in the war against Hamas; artificial intelligence challenges; women in technology, and more.

Entrepreneur and Cybertech founder, Amir Rapaport

Cybertech Latin America was founded in 2017 and serves as a platform for connecting the worlds of cybersecurity, innovation, and business in Latin America. This year’s event was co-sponsored by, among others, the Israeli Embassy in Panama and AIG, with participation from organizations worldwide, dynamic startup companies from Latin America, industry leaders, and decision-makers.

This international conference represents a unique integration of technology, industry, government, and academia. The Panama Telecommunications and Innovation Office is working towards transforming Panama into a global hub for digital transformation, shaping the future of technology.

Key figures in Panama have stated that one of the aims of the conference is to promote economic initiatives with the State of Israel and to showcase all the possibilities that Panama can offer the Israeli market. This includes collaborations with Israeli companies in areas such as food technologies, hi-tech, commerce, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Panama is interested in promoting collaborations with the Israeli industry, which is considered a global leader in various fields such as cybersecurity, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, agriculture, innovation, water management, renewable energy, and more. Strengthening cooperation will contribute to both countries and enhance Panama's position as a leader in innovation and a key player in the global market.

For global corporations, especially in the digital sector, there is motivation to invest in Panama due to a combination of several factors: Panama's strategic location and its developed digital infrastructure; a business-friendly regulatory environment; a skilled workforce; governmental initiatives and incentives; Panama's status as a financial center; access to regional markets through free trade agreements; and its high quality of life.

Israel's Ambassador to Panama Bar-Dov with Panama's Foreign Minister, Janaina Tewaney Mencomo

Israel and Panama signed a Free Trade Agreement in January 2020. The agreement provides privileged access for both sides to export products to each other's markets and allows for a conducive environment for trade and investments, thus promoting economic development and cooperation.

Israel's Ambassador to Panama, Itai Bar-Dov, noted the strong economic and trade ties between Israel and Panama. He added Panama's important strategic location– as a land bridge connecting North and South America – enables the showcasing of top Israeli technologies in cybersecurity, fintech, financial systems protection, and more, across the continent.

Entrepreneur and Cybertech founder, Amir Rapaport, added that “Cybertech Latin America holds great importance in enhancing the economic, technological, and trade relations between Panama and Israel.”

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