The Wars of the Future? IDF Establishes Space Directorate

Israel sees the need to prepare for conflicts that could occur in theaters farther away than neighboring states

Colonel N., head of the IDF’s new Space Directorate. Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

It has recently been cleared for publication that last month, the IDF established a Space Directorate, intending to consolidate all tasks located outside the atmosphere.

So far, Israel's wars have been against neighboring states. However, there is still a need to be prepared for conflicts that could occur in more distant theaters. In light of this perception, the Space Directorate was established to address the need for broad air warfare capabilities.

The new directorate is structured into two divisions: satellite projects and cooperation between the IDF and the security system. "We understand that this is a new dimension of warfare, and to succeed, we need to learn it together," declares Colonel N., head of the Space Directorate. "The Air Force is a body with experience in defense, offense, and operational system delivery, and thus the Space Directorate will serve as a bridge between the challenges in the country and the Air Force.

"Space may seem distant, but it's only about 100 kilometers away, which is like an hour's drive on Highway 6," Colonel N. simplifies this dimension. "We are constantly using this dimension without even noticing. Even in routine activities, like navigating with a mobile phone."

The unit was established amid the Swords of Iron War. "It may not be standard, but precisely at this time, we found it appropriate to found the directorate,” adds Colonel N.  “The Air Force understood that it's necessary to pause for a moment, lift the veil, and look even further ahead in order to expand defense."

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