VIDEO | Israel at War, Day 164: IDF Engaged in Targeted Operation at Shifa Hospital

According to intelligence received by the Israeli forces, senior Hamas figures are in the area and are using the hospital to plan and carry out terror activities

IDF forces in the Gaza Strip. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

In the past several hours, the IDF and the Shin Bet have been conducting a targeted operation at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, following intelligence indicating the presence of senior Hamas figures in the area. According to the information received, the senior figures are using the hospital to plan and carry out terror activities.

During the operation, gunfire was opened by terrorists from within the hospital compound towards the Israeli forces, which responded with fire and struck the terrorists.

In a press briefing, the IDF stressed that the forces operating in the area have been trained and briefed in advance on the importance of preventing harm to civilians, patients, medical staff, and medical equipment. The IDF has brought Arabic-speaking spokespersons to the area, so they can engage in dialogue with the patients staying in the hospital, and Israeli forces will ensure the continuation of hospital activities.

In the past few days, the IDF’s Coordinator of Activities in the Gaza Strip spoke with the Director-General of Gaza’s Ministry of Health. “We see that the terrorist organization Hamas continues its military activities within hospitals,” he said in the conversation that was released to the public. “We are ready to provide any necessary humanitarian assistance. Our request is simple: an immediate cessation of all terrorist activities in hospitals."

Watch the fire exchange between the IDF and Hamas terrorists earlier today



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