Report: Elbit Supplies Philippines with First Batch of Guarani APCs

The vehicles are part of a $46-million deal signed in February 2021, aimed at delivering 28 Guaranis to the Philippine Army

Photo: Elbit Systems website

Israeli defense giant Elbit Systems has dispatched the initial batch of Guarani 6×6 armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the Philippine Army. According to the Defense Post website, five APCs were unveiled for the first time during a ceremony in Santa Lucia, Tarlac. These vehicles are slated for use by the Philippine Army’s Armor Division.

The vehicles are part of a $46-million deal signed in February 2021 to deliver 28 Guaranis to a then-undisclosed country in the Asia Pacific region.

In March 2023, reports surfaced indicating that the implementation of the deal to supply Guarani APCs to the Philippine army faced obstacles and was subsequently halted.

Reports from Brazil suggested that the primary challenge stemmed from Germany’s veto on this supply – as a response to Brazil’s refusal to supply Ukraine with 35 mm ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft system, which Germany had provided the Ukrainians. Now, it appears that this obstacle has been overcome, and the supply to the Philippines has begun.

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