Accurate and Lethal: The Negev 7 Light Machine Gun Combines the Power of 7.62 Ammo with Lightweight and Compactness

With firepower capable of penetrating enemy cover in a lightweight, this reliable machine gun meets the operational challenges on the battlefield. A look at the capabilities of the Negev 7, which provides the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with operational effectiveness and an important force multiplier in the current campaign. In collaboration with IWI

Accurate and Lethal: The Negev 7 Light Machine Gun Combines the Power of 7.62 Ammo with Lightweight and Compactness

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The IDF is forging ahead fighting in the Gaza Strip and achieving its goals thanks to the combined action of all its branches – air, sea, and land.

Despite the impressive progress made, it seems that to achieve the war’s goals – to return the hostages and topple the Hamas regime; fighting will continue for some time.

Our soldiers at the frontline fight day and night with professionalism, dedication, heroism courage, and all that in very complex circumstances – It is one of the world’s most densely populated areas, both above and underground.  Even so, they are achieving important objectives.

Light weight, superior barrier penetration, and accuracy make a difference

Over the past months of combat, the Negev 7.62x51 machine gun has established itself as one of the IDF’s best and most powerful light machine guns. It makes a difference on the ground and provides our fighters with crucial firepower, which provides them with a real advantage over the enemy on the battlefield.

So, what makes the Negev 7 machine gun so relevant in combat? This is a lightweight, robust weapon made by IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, an SK Group company owned by Mr. Sammy Katzav. The Negev machine gun is extremely resilient, easy to carry and operate, and highly lethal thanks to its 7.62 mm ammunition. Soldiers refer to it as a powerful, high-quality machine gun that meets the operational needs of the IDF’s combat units.

Compared with the traditional M240, the Negev weighs about 4 kg less and is easier to operate. It was developed to provide an effective and lethal response using high-power ammunition.

Another important advantage of the Negev 7 is its enhanced penetrating power when compared to the traditional 5.56 caliber light machine guns. Using 7.62 ammunition it can penetrate enemy cover, including thick walls, and thus neutralize enemy combatants while fighting in urban, built-up and operationally complex areas.

As for safety, the Negev’s advanced mechanisms minimize the risk of uncontrolled fire and unwanted safety incidents and enable the soldier to operate the machine gun safely and professionally.


Regarding ease of use, operational efficiency, and ergonomics, the Negev 7 displays some remarkable advantages such as: a high-quality hydraulic recoil mechanism and a flash suppressor compensator, which reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil, enabling accurate fire when firing continuously; simple barrel change with an enlarged take down button; and protruding controls which enable fast operation even when wearing gloves and under difficult combat conditions. When firing the Negev, soldiers can choose between two operating modes: fully automatic or semi-automatic, to increase precision and firepower control or, when necessary, economize ammunition.

Most of all, the Negev 7 is considered one of the world’s most accurate lightweight machine guns, which makes it particularly popular among military and security forces all over the world.

The IDF uses two different caliber Negev machine guns: 5.56 mm (Negev 5) and 7.62 mm (Negev 7). Both were developed in cooperation with the IDF and are used by security services and special units in Israel and worldwide.

“The Negev 7 has outstanding firepower which gives soldiers covering fire, for both attack and defense”, says A., a soldier in an elite unit currently on the front line in the heart of the Gaza Strip. “With Picatinny rails mounted, it can interface with and connect to sights, designators, and other devices. It feels like this is the natural environment for the gun. Additionally, it is not cumbersome as the M240 and can be carried easily and maneuvered from one place to another”.

Given the ongoing operational challenges faced by our soldiers, it is obvious that the Negev 7 is definitely one of the most lethal firearms adopted by the IDF during the current war. Its reduced weight, compact size, and ease of carrying provide our forces with an important firepower capability, even in the most complex combat areas. Therefore, it will be especially important for the maneuvering troops now leading the IDF against the upcoming challenges on different fronts.

R&D continues meeting demands from the field

With positive feedback from the field, both from Israel and other countries, IWI continues to develop its products and is currently marketing the NEGEV NG-7 7.62mm ULMG (Ultra-Light Machine Gun) to meet operational demands from users. The Negev Ultra has both the power and accuracy of the Negev 7 Light Machine Gun, with the added advantage of a reduced weight of only 7 kg.

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