150 Days of War: IDF Prepares for Ramadan

In addition, the operation in Khan Yunis continues, while tensions in the north remain high. VIDEO

The Chief of Staff, the head of the Shin Bet, and the Chief of Police held a joint situation assessment last night (Sunday) ahead of Ramadan to strengthen coordination between the bodies and operational readiness for all scenarios, alongside the desire to allow freedom of worship for Arab Israelis and Palestinians under security and safety restrictions.

Combat soldiers of the Nahal Brigade eliminated 15 terrorists in the last operation, using sniper fire, aircraft, and tank support. In one of the encounters, the soldiers identified a group of terrorists entering a Hamas military compound. Aircraft attacked and eliminated the terrorists.

In the Khan Yunis area, forces of the 98th Division initiated an attack on its western part, primarily targeting the "Hamed" neighborhood and conducting raids in the neighborhood's space. Combat teams from the Givati Brigade, Division 7, and the Commando Formation attacked terrorist targets and eliminated terrorists operating from civilian areas.

The IDF reports that in the past 24 hours, the combat team of the 7th Division led the evacuation of the civilian population and arrested around 80 suspects involved in terrorist activities, including Hamas and PIJ militants who attempted to escape under cover of the civilian population.

Tensions also remain high on Israel’s northern border, where last night (Sunday), combat aircraft attacked a military structure and military infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in the area of Ayta ash-Sha'b. Another military infrastructure of the organization was targeted in the area of Kafr Kila. During the day, several launchings from Lebanese into Israeli territory were identified in the areas of Metula, Rajar, and Malkia.

IDF forces target Hamas terrorists who were deploying weapons and explosive

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