UVID Dronetech 2024: Shaping a New Security Landscape

Alon Kloss, CEO of T.A.S. by Cando Drones, discusses the ever-evolving defense needs in urban settings, and how drones and UAVs come into play

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

“On October 7th, we saw how military and civilian needs converged in the urban sphere, and the important role drones played,” says Alon Kloss, CEO of T.A.S. by Cando Drones and the IDF’s former Chief Artillery Officer.

Speaking at the UVID Dronetech conference held in Tel Aviv this morning, Kloss discussed how drones have been shaping the defense landscape in urban settings and spoke about their evolution. “In the past, it was forts. Now, it’s fences and towers, incorporated with technology. We are starting to see how military-developed technology gets to the defense and civilian landscape. Looking ahead, UAVs and drones are what the future predicts – we don’t even understand yet to which extent.”

“We are experiencing an era of changes, not in the drones themselves, but in the security and defense environment,” Kloss explained. “It’s more than just technology – one needs to organize everything properly in order to provide the added value to the system. This includes training methodology, interacting with regulation and its needs, and so much more.

Kloss stressed the importance of drone activity extracting all of its abilities without inflicting any harm on the area it is covering or creating a disturbance. He also spoke about the human-drone interaction, providing the example of a drone used by a police force to identify criminal activity, then track the perpetrator from the air as he attempts to flee until the security forces physically arrive at the scene to apprehend him, all the while guiding the ground forces. Similarly, drones can aid firefighters, local communities, and any other law and order establishment in the urban environment.

“Just like birds in the sky, drones are going to be part of our urban landscape,” Kloss concluded.

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