UVID DRONETECH Opens in Tel Aviv for 11th Time

The conference’s founder & CEO, Alon Unger, discussed the challenges and importance of holding a UAV conference during these turbulent times

Alon Unger. Photo: Ziv Barak

UVID Dronetetch 2024, Israel’s largest UAV/drone event, opened this morning at the Expo Tel Aviv Convention Center for the 11th time. The conference’s founder and chairman, Alon Unger, dedicated his opening remarks to the 134 Israelis still held hostage in Gaza and to the difficulties of holding a conference during this time of war, turmoil, and uncertainty. UVID is much more than a professional conference, Unger stressed. It is a place for coming together, being among friends, and connecting.

Unger went on to discuss the importance of drones in the current Swords of Iron War and their growing space in the public discourse, in addition to the developing civilian drone patrol. Drones have also entered public discourse following Russia’s war on Ukraine. Recently, it was reported that the EU will manufacture one million drones for this war.

Photo: UVID Dronetech

Since the end of 2022 we have entered a new era for the UAV/drone reals, Unger says, an era characterized by the fact that the public understands the importance of drones and the challenges, threats, and opportunities they present.

In addition to many panels and talks, UVID attendees will be able to enjoy a sprawling exhibition hall in which the top solutions of this realm will be presented.

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