Major Austrian Defense Acquisition: GDELS Secures €1.8 Billion Contract for 225 PANDUR EVO Vehicles

It appears that these vehicles carry a UT-30 turret manufactured by Israeli Elbit Systems equipped with a 30 mm caliber automatic cannon

Photo: GDELS website

General Dynamics European Land Systems - Steyr (GDELS) will deliver an additional 225 PANDUR 6x6 EVO wheeled armored vehicles to the Austrian Armed Forces, worth €1.8 billion.

It appears that these vehicles carry Israeli systems. The German site Soldat & Technik reported in August 2023 that the GDELS revealed for the first time the model in question in this article and it carries a UT-30 turret manufactured by Israeli Elbit Systems equipped with a 30 mm caliber automatic cannon.

In this context, it is worth noting the recent announcement by Elbit Systems that it won a contract worth about 300 million dollars to supply weapons, reconnaissance, driving, and situational awareness systems for approximately 230 armored vehicles in an unnamed European country.

 In addition to the delivery of the personnel carriers and the conversion kits for medical, command & control and anti-tank missions, the order includes eight new vehicle variants to be introduced to the Austrian Armed Forces.

The PANDUR 6x6 EVO vehicle will be complemented by a 120 mm mortar combat system, as well as mobile air defense and electronic warfare variants. With these additional vehicles, the Austrian Army’s medium infantry forces will experience a significant increase in mobility, protection, and effectiveness. 

100 PANDUR EVO are already under contract, of which the third batch is currently in production and delivery. The production of the fourth batch that has now been commissioned will follow. Preceding versions of the PANDUR EVO have been in service with the Austrian Armed Forces since 1996. Around 850 PANDUR in 6x6 and 8x8 configurations are fielded worldwide today. Users include Belgium, the Czech Republic, Kuwait, Portugal, Slovenia, and the USA.

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